The 10,800' Mount Rose in winter, as seen from our house in Galena Forest Estates - Reno


Family Christmas Cards: 2004-1995

From the Christmas of 1995, Peter and Lucy have produced an annual collage of photographs that best represents their activities during the previous year. Many of these photographs have outdoor settings, in particular, mountain scenery. This is to be expected as most of our time in the USA has been spent climbing or hiking the numerous peaks of the Oregon/Washington Cascades and the Californian Sierra Nevada.



Lucy joins Peter for a complete hike of the John Muir Trail from Happy Valley in Yosemite to the summit of Whitney.

Peter hikes Mt. Rainier's 95 mile Wonderland Trail with Jim Slade.

The family together at our Albany house for Christmas and New Year.



The year we purchased our prestigious beach house in Albany, West Australia.

Various climbs in the Cascades with visiting Aussie friends, Ken and Lee Sampson.

Peter and Jeff Warner go hiking and climbing in the Sierra Nevada


A winter climb of Mount St. Helens.

Jordan graduates from ITT with an Associate Degree in CAD.

Peter finally reaches the summit of Mount Sill accompanied by Jim Slade.

Lucy's brother and nieces visit Vancouver for winter sports.



A Himalayan trek in Nepal from Lukla to Kala Patar, above the Everest Base Camp.

A visit from Peter's son Chris, and his three daughters from Perth, Australia.

A 110 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State. A winter climb of Mount St. Helens

A visit to Windsor Locks, Ct. and Boston, Ma. to catch up with Lucy's family



Peter and Lucy climb Mount Shasta in northern California

Peter climbs Mount Shuksan and Glacier Peak in the North Cascades

Jordan's high school graduation from Trinity College in Louisville, Ky.

Visit to Vancouver by Ellen, Lucy's sister



Peter's retirement as a B747 captain from United Parcel Service. Son Jeremy joins the crew for the last flight from Alaska

Visit to the USA by Chris, Peter's Aussie based son ... we all meet in Reno, NV.

Lucy meets Peter in Cologne, Germany on one of his last flights with UPS



Another Alaskan Christmas with Lucy and Jordan during Peter's layover in Anchorage, with polar bears, darts and silly hats.

Peter and Lucy summit on their annual climb of Mount Hood.

Peter and Jordan attempt a very difficult route on Mount Jefferson.



The year Peter and Lucy finally reached the summit of Mount Jefferson.

A summer spent rock climbing on Smith Rocks in Oregon with Lucy and Jordan.

A visit by Mal Hill from Australia for climbs of Hood, Jefferson and Smith Rocks.

Two trips to the Sierras for climbs of Whitney and Sill.



The year Peter and Lucy reached the summits of Mount Rainier and Mount Baker in northern Washington State. Also a first climb for Lucy on Mount Whitney in California.

Also a trip to Hawaii with Lucy and Jordan, scuba-diving, boogie boarding and doing the tourist thing around the island of Oahu.



Our second year living in the Northwest - the city of Vancouver, situated in the southwest of Washington State.

Climbing with Lucy on Mount Jefferson, Mount Adams, Mount Hood and the Three Sisters. Also hikes into the Indian Heaven Wilderness. A trip with Lucy and Jordan to explore the coastal section of the Olympic National Park, Washington.

Most significantly, Peter and Lucy were married in Vancouver, WA on December 18th.


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